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Our members have access to the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is available to not only patients but to anyone in the community. Our gym is equipped with state of the art Cybex equipment including treadmills, arc trainers, upper & lower extremity machines & recumbent bike.

The Gym

We offer many different membership plans to help you get the best deal for you and your family!

- Monthly Membership $35.00

- Monthly Family Membership $60.00 + $20.00 set up fee

- Yearly Membership $360

- Family Yearly Membership $600 up to 4 people

                      * May be paid in quarterly installments of $150 with credit card authorization.

- Yearly Membership with Maintenance Chiropractic Adjustment $540

                      * Adjustments are prescheduled

- Student Membership $240 per year

- Senior Membership $300 per year

- Daily passes available during our regular business hours $5 per day

Personalized Training for your Young Athletes

We offer individual and group plans.

Call today to find out more information on our PEP program.

We are offering a youth Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) designed for athletes ages 12 to 18 years old. The program has been designed by our Physical Therapy and personal training staff and can be customized to fit the child’s fitness level, specific goals, and sports performance needs.

Program components include:

· Pre and Post-testing

· Agility

· Speed

· Plyometrics

· Core Training

· Balance

· Endurance

· Sports Specific Strengthening

· Sports Nutrition Education

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